To the girl who can’t look at herself in the mirror,

I see you, I see how you look at yourself when you walk past the mirror, or rather, don’t look at yourself. I see that you hate the way you look and I see that you don’t value yourself. Yes me, I see it, because I understand it, and I get it. Its easy to only see the flaws in yourself, to see the ugly and the mistakes. It takes so much more effort and energy to see the good, so why even bother? But God sees so much more value and so much more good in us than we could ever imagine. Do you think that the Lord of all the Earth thinks that way of you? I definitely don’t and I know that He doesn’t either. The same God that created the stars, the ocean, and the entire Earth, created you and when he did, He said to you, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” He sees us as who we are, and we are children of Christ, that is who we are. Through our good times and bad times, we are his children and He continues to love us. Our God created us in HIS image, the image of God, and because God is perfect, we were created perfectly.

I still see you., and I see your struggle. But, what I can’t see, is how you can know that God has created you so perfectly, yet still say to yourself “I’m not good enough.” Now, my question to you is, who are you trying to be good enough for? There are only 3 possible answers to this question, either 1. yourself, 2. God, or 3. other people. Let’s tackle each one of these right here, and right now.

  1. Yourself: If you are trying to be good enough for yourself, you are going down a long road of disappointments. See, you can never define what “good enough” truly is, so you will never be able to achieve it. Therefore, letting yourself down again and allowing yourself to get hurt again. You are good enough. Good enough to change the world and good enough to watch the notebook in sweatpants. Everyday you are good enough, because the God of all the universe told you so, and you don’t need any other reason. Because my friends, if the Lord of the Earth tells me that I am good enough, you best believe that I AM GOOD ENOUGH!
  2. God: Trying to be good enough for God is pointless. Because honestly, we will never be good enough for God.We will never be Holy enough, Spiritual enough, Pure enough, Righteous enough, Perfect enough, because we are human and we make mistakes. If we wanted to be “enough” for God, we’d need to be perfect. And human perfection is impossible. Luckily God loves us even though we are imperfect, and he tells us that we are enough even with our worldly imperfections. If God tells me that I am good enough even though I am sinfully imperfect, the I will choose to believe that I AM GOOD ENOUGH!
  3. Other people: How in the world can we try and be good enough for everyone in the world?! Magazines tell me that I need to be skinny enough and dress inappropriate enough. TV tells me I need to act like someone else to be good enough. Social media tells me I need to portray my life a certain way to be good enough. If I try to be good enough for all of these people, I am never going to succeed. In fact, I probably won’t succeed if I try to be good enough for even one of them! The world has unrealistic expectations for us, and if we aren’t “good enough” for them we are considered weird. But, I think being weird is a good thing. I don’t want to act like the world, the world is sinful and wrong. So if I can’t be considered “good enough” for the world, then maybe I am too good for the world. I AM GOOD ENOUGH without the sinful ways of the world!

YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! God loves you for who you are, because he created you to be uniquely you. I love the picture to the left of this page because the water so clearly reflects the shoreline. I want my life to be a perfect reflection of Christ, and I hope that you do too!

So, go ahead, look at the mirror and smile, because you are a beautiful child of God! Don’t be afraid to like what you see, because you should! You are a beautiful creation and YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! In fact, you are more then enough!

Love,  Karsyn Bryant


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