To the girl who has been deeply hurt,

First of all, I cannot express how deeply and truly sorry I am for the hurt and pain that you have gone through. I understand the pain and I wish that saying sorry was enough to heal the hurt, but it’s not. It’s hard to forgive when you have been hurt by people you care about. But I want to help you feel Christ’s love and his caring heart.

I do not have the solution, and I do not have the answers. God is the only one who can truly help you overcome your obstacles and heal your hurt. Nevertheless, I want to share how God has been working to heal my hurting relationship with the Church.

This is my story of how God used one woman and 6 months to change my hurting heart:

I love my church, I really do. But the people within the Church hurt me, none of them know it and they have no reason to know that they did, yet I was still hurting. I wont get into details, because I have no intention of bashing on them, but the people who hurt me caused me to leave my church family for months at a time on two separate occasions. It was a messy situation and the worst part of it was they didn’t know they did anything wrong.

As I am writing this, I am sitting in the very same room that I sat in 6 months ago before I left to spend my entire summer working at camp (which was the best decision I’ve ever made). I sat in the Church library studying James during the early morning Sunday service. One of the youth leaders, we’ll call her Jenny, saw me and came in and sat down with me. She asked me how I was doing and if I needed her to pray for everything. I told her that I was leaving the following week for Camp and I was really nervous to work there. Jenny prayed for me and told me that she would continue to pray for me to have strength throughout the summer. Then she asked me if I wanted to tell her my testimony, so I told her. She prayed for me again, then left to go be with her husband in the service.

The most miraculous thing about this all, was that she didn’t know how much that meant to me, and even better, I didn’t know how much it meant to me. Not until 4 months later  when I returned home from Camp. The 3 months I was gone, I didn’t talk to anyone outside of camp except for my family and my two best friends. I had been completely submerged in a world with no connections to the outside society. When I came home it took weeks to adjust back to reality, but when I did, I started to realize things that I never had before.

Now, this realization didn’t come 3 weeks after I got home, it didn’t even come 8 weeks after I came home. This took two entire months for me to realize. I realized that Jenny took the time to care for me despite the rumors she had heard about me. And that I was a person who didn’t need other people to care about me, because I am a person who is going to care about others no matter what they do or say, just like Jenny had done for me. Once I finally learned and accept that, I was able to begin to heal the hurt that was between me and the people who hurt me. I still have to work everyday to forgive the people who hurt me, and to allow Christ to repair my heart. But I am better than before because  I learned to care about people no matter what they think of me.

This clearly reminds me of Christ and how he cares for us. See, he cares for us even though we sin and break his heart. Despite all the bad things that  we have done he looks at us and says “I care for you because you are more then enough.” Christ loves and cares of others, even though they don’t care about him because he is an example for us. He shows us to love others and care about them no matter what they think of us.

Today I encourage you to care about others and show them how Christ would care about them. Care like Christ cares, because you are more then enough!

Love, Karsyn Bryant



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